How to Import

How to import slabs from Brazil

Importing is much easier and profitable than you could imagine.

Not only the huge savings (sometimes up to 50%) but by bringing your own slabs you start building your own inventory and you will keep your customers in house. So the main benefits are:

  • Much more profit
  • Better quality materials
  • Color consistance
  • Much less remnants
  • Keep customers in house
  • Better turnaround time on your projects
    and much more!

If you make 4 or more kitchens per week it makes a lot of sense to import already.

Check how easy it is to import and to make profit for your business. Check the 04 steps to import

1 – Choosing 07 bundles: 
You can choose any bundle you see available online – You can mix and match colors. To make a full container order, go ahead on the website and select 07 bundles.

2 – Submitting the order: 
Once you select the bundles for your order, click on the shopping cart located on the top right corner of the website. In case you want to review the order or even write any comments you have before sending the order, click in the red icon “View Cart”.

Please notice that once you submit an order, it does not mean you are fully commited to buy that particular order. Once the order is submited we understand that it is an order proposal, and our sales department will then contact you to finilize all details, send Pro Forma, etc.

3 – Shipping

All prices shown in the website is for delivering the container at our local port in Vitoria, Brazil (FOB – Free on Board). If you have never imported before, we can offer you a new type of service which will include freight in our own Invoice. That means we will take care of freight and all import procedure for you, from our door to your door, and you wouldn’t need to go over any paper work when importing.

The price for the international freight usually varies from US$2,500 to US$ 6,000 depending where you are located at. The closest you are to the Southeast in USA, the cheaper. So in order to calculate prices on the materials once landed at your door, you can consider from US$1.50/sft to US$2.50/sft on top of our FOB prices.

The usual transit time from our local port in Vitoria, Brazil to the main ports in USA and Canada are:

Southeast Coast USA = from 20 to 30 days
Northeast Coast USA / Canada = from 25 to 35 days
Southwest Coast USA = 30 to 40 days
Northwest Coast USA / Canada = 40 to 60 days

4 – Unload the container

We strongly suggest to go with Open Top specially for the first time importing since it will be easier and safer to unload. You can rent a crane and simply pickup the bundles from the top.

To closed top container, you can check more info in this link


In 45 days you can have much more profit, better quality materials, color consistance, much less remnants and keep customers in house!

If you still have more questions, please send us an email:

We will be happy to assist you!

See you later 🙂

Brothers in Granite is a granite exporter from Brazil and our concept is to offer our customers the largest variety of colors and the best customer service resulting in a totally convenient and easy process when importing a granite container. Our focus is to provide a simple and easy importing experience and offer the most beautiful granite colors available from Brazil along with a competitive price and reliable quality inspection. We buy our blocks from many different quarries in Brazil and we produce our slabs with the latest technology machines resulting on top quality finishing. We are very serious about quality and our focus is to offer our customers only with the best in terms of slabs and customer service.

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