How to Import


Here you will find some videos showing how to unload containers of granite slabs.
You should always first keep in mind that this is a very dangerous operation and you should be sure of how to handle it properly before you bring your containers.
Option 1: Closed top container without an unloading dock available (you will need a heavy forklift which can lift the entire bundle at once):


Option 2: Closed top container with an unloading dock available (you will need a regular forklift, not too heavy, and you can simply slide the entire bundle out):


Option 3: Closed top container without an unloading dock available, however with a pre-made iron structure (you will slide the entire bundle out at the iron structure, then pick it you from there):

Option 4: Open Top container using an overhead crane. We do not have a video available, but if you have an overhead crane you should order an Open Top container and simply take the entire bundle from the top.

– All our wood bundles have a piece of wood underneath it, called skies. This is made so you can slide the bundle out of the container, one at a time.
– DO NOT ever brake the wood bundle and try to unload a slab at a time. It is very dangerous! You should always take the entire bundle out!
– You should always take out first the bundle on the side, then use caution to take out the middle bundle
– You should use a long arm forklift to avoid the middle bundle from falling to the side while you are sliding it out. Then you should take out the bundle on the side for last.
– When you are taking out the bundle on the side, you can tie it with straps to the side of the container (as shown on this video to avoid it falling to the side when you are sliding it out.
– Keep in mind that no wood will hold a bundle of stone with over 3000kg if it falls to the side! So you need to avoid the risk of falling to the side, by taking one at a time always starting with the bundle on the side, then on the middle, then on the side again, like explained above.

– Our wood bundles are specially reinforced with an iron bar at the bottom, so it will give you an extra security while unloading. See this video:


For more informations, click in here:

At Brothers in Granite we're producers and exporters of natural stone from Vitoria Brazil. We've been in business since 2007 and have shipped thousands of bundles in hundreds of containers to our more than 150 satisfied customers in the United States. Our mission is to provide a simple and easy to understand import process to help our customers receive the most beautiful natural stone slabs from Brazil at a competitive price and with the highest quality available. We buy our blocks from many different quarries in Brazil and produce our slabs with the latest high-tech machinery resulting in top-quality finishes for our materials. We take quality very seriously and our goal is to offer our customers only the best in terms of products and customer service.


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  2. Mathew Daniel

    hi Good Day

    Am Mathew Daniel Here in Oman Now, Am importing Indian Granite and I like to do Brazilian too.Let me have your Product catloge and the lowest quote in LC TERMS. CNF PORT <SOHAR<OMAN.


  3. Philip

    Can you direct me to where I can purchase those fork attachments and straps? Thanks so much!


    • Hi Philip
      Thanks for your contact and sorry for the late reply.
      Unfortunately we don´t know a place to suggest. What we recomend is to visit the webpage of the Stone Fabricators Alliance (which we are also members) and try to get this info on the webforums that they have:
      Please let us know if we can help with anything else!
      Renato Furtado
      Brothers in Granite


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