How to Import

Benefits of Importing: Keep customers in house

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits of importing your own slabs is that you can keep customers within your company. By bringing in a container you are actually building your own inventory. Your customers will now be able to choose from what you have in stock instead of going elsewhere.

The worst thing it can happen to your business is to lose a potential sales. By sending customers to select slabs at other places, in other words, is saying to your customers that you don’t actually own the product they are looking for and they should look for it elsewhere.

Customers are not only buying the fabrication of their kitchens. They want to choose the stone for their houses. By having a inventory for customer to choose from, provides your customers the ability to actually choose their kitchen countertop at one place. With this, your company offers a complete service to your client. From the choice of material to the installation in their residence or business.

Offer convenience, practicality and quality guarantee for your customers!

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