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How to find a Quarry – Brazil

Today we are going to show you one way to find a quarry.

Our team travel all over Brazil to find the best materials available. And we go deep into the country to also discover new quarries.

Firs, they put some dinamite and blow a big piece to see how it looks. In this case (you can see the pictures), they need to get deeper to see if becomes whiter.

Get your materials directly from the source, with Brothers in Granite

Brothers in Granite is a granite exporter from Brazil and our concept is to offer our customers the largest variety of colors and the best customer service resulting in a totally convenient and easy process when importing a granite container. Our focus is to provide a simple and easy importing experience and offer the most beautiful granite colors available from Brazil along with a competitive price and reliable quality inspection. We buy our blocks from many different quarries in Brazil and we produce our slabs with the latest technology machines resulting on top quality finishing. We are very serious about quality and our focus is to offer our customers only with the best in terms of slabs and customer service.

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