Materials Quartzite

Calacatta & White Macaubas

Did you know that the materials Calacatta White and White Macaubas come from the same quarry here in Brazil?

It’s simply how we cut the blocks (vein or cross cut) which will define which material will be created.

The White Macaubas has more veins and they are usually horizontal.

Macaubas Quartzite – Brothers in Granite

The Calacatta White usually has a “weavy” movement or 45 degrees flow of veins.

Calacatta Quartzite – Brothers in Granite

By acquiring any of them you can be sure you are getting a noble exotic material, with the robustness of the quartzite and the predominance of the white color, which is what customers want nowadays!

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At Brothers in Granite we're producers and exporters of natural stone from Vitoria Brazil. We've been in business since 2007 and have shipped thousands of bundles in hundreds of containers to our more than 150 satisfied customers in the United States. Our mission is to provide a simple and easy to understand import process to help our customers receive the most beautiful natural stone slabs from Brazil at a competitive price and with the highest quality available. We buy our blocks from many different quarries in Brazil and produce our slabs with the latest high-tech machinery resulting in top-quality finishes for our materials. We take quality very seriously and our goal is to offer our customers only the best in terms of products and customer service.

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