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Why just buy granite? Come have fun!

Why just buy granite if you can have real fun while doing so?

Come have fun, surf, try different food, meet amazing people, drink unique beer and coffee, visit quarries and production facilities, etc and yet, hand select your slabs with your Brothers here in Brazil! 

Special thanks to the stone fabricators from the Stone Fabricators Alliance( for making of the last groups an amazing experience for all of us:

Dustin Hughes from Contemporary Concepts from Texarkana, AR
Aaron and Bradley Haag from Custom Marble from Grove City, MN
Jon Rupert from Distinctive Surfaces from Columbus, OH
Anthony Mroczka from AM Stonworks from Kelseyville, CA

Make sure to schedule your trip in 2019 and we’ll make sure it’s going to be EPIC!We would like to invite YOU to come visit us here in Brazil.

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