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Workshop SFA – Brothers in Granite

Brothers in Granite was present at another Workshop promoted by the Stone Fabricators Alliance ( The event took place on June 20 and 21 in Carson City, at Perfection Connection Inc.

In addition to attending trainings and different presentations on the shop floor, attendees could learn more about how to import directly from the source, in a roundtable promoted between SFA and Brothers in Granite.

“We support the philosophy of the SFA, which is to share knowledge and expertise. We try to share all information so the Fabricators can decide the best way for them. Besides taking care of the entire import process for them, we also include in our services the possibility for them travel to Brazil to learn the entire process besides picking their own slabs.“ said Renato Furtado, Commercial Manager of the company.

Brothers in Granite would like to thank the SFA for their partnership, especially James Donaire and Jeannie Fung – Perfection Connection Inc, for the excellent reception and organization of the event.

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