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Domestic Demand Increases for Light Colored Quartzites and Hard Marbles

The natural stone industry has seen an increase in demand for natural quartzites and hard marbles from Brazil in the last few months.  The causes are two-fold with recent US tariffs on Chinese solid surfaces leading to increased domestic prices and combining with the market trend towards light and modern colors and patterns. 

Brazil, a long-time leader in the production of granites and natural quartzites is now the #1 producer of marble as well.  Brazilian marbles are harder than those produced in other countries, including Italy, and fabricators in the US have been getting great results even in highly demanding applications such as kitchens and bars.

At Brothers in Granite we have a wide variety of on-trend light-colored quartzites, hard marbles, and granite for you to choose from.

We invite you to visit our Live Inventory and see for yourself the best of what nature has to offer.

Remember — you can now buy from 2 to 7 bundles and receive your delivery on a flatbed truck.  Traditional container delivery is still available as well.  Simply browse our inventory, select the bundles you like, and once you submit the order we will give you a detailed quote with final numbers.  There’s no obligation and we’ve love for you to make a sample order.

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