Granite Materials

Start your journey with Everest White

The Magnitude of Everest

This stunning granite was named after the highest peak on Earth – Mount Everest.  Mount Everest is considered sacred in some cultures particularly those of the Chinese, Nepalese, Sherpa, and Tibetan peoples.  In the Nepalese language the mountain was given the name of Sagarmatha, which means “Face of the Sky”; while in the Tibetan tongue the name attributed to the mountain, Qomolanqma, means “Mother of the Universe”.

This granite brings the splendour of the tallest mountains to your business and best all – at a very affordable price!  Scale Mt Everest with Brothers in Granite and surprise your customers with this material from above the clouds.  Check out our live inventory for more info, prices, and photos.

Quality: Premuim and High Standard
Thickness: 3cm
Finish: Polished

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