Capixaba Way

Getting to know our culture – Part 2

For the second fun fact about our local culture, we’d like to share with you our main gastronomic dish and a little bit about what it’s made of.

Above you can see our Moqueca Capixaba, with all the dishes that it accompanies.

The ‘Moqueca Capixaba’ is the main gastronomic dish of Espírito Santo. This typical capixaba dish enhances the flavor of the ingredients. Among its ingredients are: fish, tomato, onion and coriander.

This traditional local dish is usually accompanied by fish mush, rice, and a banana moqueca. Which is made with plantain cooked in the same sauce as the main Moqueca.

Moqueca Capixaba is considered the most traditional, as it preserves the recipe of indigenous origin, without using industrial ingredients.

There are several types of moquecas along the coast of Brazil; but as that famous local saying goes: “Moqueca is only capixaba, the rest is fish stew!”

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