Materials Quartzite

Classic meets sophistication with Bianco Superiore

Pearl-like Exotic Quartzite

      Bianco Superiore is a luxurious and sophisticated natural quartzite.  The stunning natural veins on this material are what make it stand out but the classic white color will work with any environment.  The pearl-like polished texture will evoke the luxury of fresh silk sheets.

     The white background and the black and grey veins in this material are both dense and hard.  This material does have some natural “freckles” located along the larger veins – these appear as white dots.  These slabs are variable in color with some veins being darker or lighter than the background white.  These slabs have sealer applied at Brothers in Granite to avoid issues with water absorption.

Watch this video for more details about the material.

Quality: High Standard
Thickness: 3 cm
Finish: Polished
Block: 10217, 10245 and 10246

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