Granite Materials

Typhoon Bordeaux – A turmoil of colors in a classic design

One of the Bordeaux Exotic Granites

           Typhoon Bordeaux is named for both the tropical cyclones and the city of Bordeaux, in the southwest of France. Bordeaux is one of the largest wine producing regions in the world and is also home to the Mirror d’Eau, also called the Place of Art Above, where the water acts as a mirror to reflect the sky. The French call a shade of dark red Bordeaux, commonly known as burgundy. It takes its name from the color of the wine and the city, both with the same name.  The riot of colors in this material remind us of the typhoon and its unpredictability, but its exquisite design lends a classic and clean look to your projects. 

           This material has a sand-colored background with pale yellow accents and shades of burgundy.  The pattern is random and chaotic with brown veins and areas of concentrated brown color and shades of earth-tones spread throughout the slab – this stone leaves us amazed at how perfect nature’s creation can be.  Reminiscent of a painting, you can stare for hours and always see new details for the first time!   

Thypoon Bordeaux
Quality: Premium
Thickness: 3 cm
Finish: Polished

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