Marble Materials

White Cloud: the right material for any day

Brazilian Translucent Dolomitic Marbles

               White Cloud is a dolomitic marble that has the unique property of being translucent – meaning it can be backlit to make your clients designs even more stunning.  The soothing white of this material is only broken by the dark blue and grey areas, usually at the edge of the stone.  The background white color is as white as the clouds in the sky but the light blue-grey shades contrast the image of serenity.  It reminds us of a white clouds full of rain stored inside for a stormy day.    

Watch this video for more details about the material.

                      This material is a dolomitic marble.  Dolomite is a mineral contained in our marbles that makes them extremely hard and resistant to weathering.  Dolomitic marbles usually don’t scratch or stain easily.   Please note that these materials may still etch as a reaction to strong acids such as lemons or red wine.  When the stone becomes etched the polish will dull and need refinishing. Leather or honed finishing will minimize this possible issue. We can change its finishing too if you want. 

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