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How many slabs fit in a container

In order to make a full container load (FCL) you need to select from 6 to 8 bundles, depending on your weight limitation. Please notice that every bundle of 3cm (1 1/4”) thickness is usually made from 5 to 7 slabs each or 8 to 11 slabs if 2cm (3/4”), depending of the material and size of the slabs.

The usual weight limitation on US roads for a container is of 44,000lbs (19,900kg) using a tri-axle truck. This is the standard weight allowance for customers located further away from the coast (ports) or for those who will have the shipping company delivering the container all the way to their doors.

However some customers, usually located nearby a port or a rail/ramp, normally require the shipping company to bring their containers only up to that port or rail/ramp so they can get a higher weight allowance. The usual weight limit for ports is of 60,000lbs (27,000kg) and 47,500lbs (21,500kg) for rail/ramps. So from those points, they usually hire their own truck companies to make the final delivery. Those truck companies, usually not related to the shipping lines, accept to carry such higher weights.

So if your weight allowance is just of 44,000lbs (19,900kg) , you need to select from 6 to 7 bundles (average from 38 to 42 slabs of 3cm thickness or 55 to 60 if 2cm). If you have a higher weight allowance of 47,500lbs (21,500kg) , such as described above, you can get around 7 bundles (average from 40 to 45 slabs of 3cm or 60 to 65 slabs if 2cm). If your weight allowance is of  60,000lbs (27,000kg) , you can fit from 8 to 9 bundles (from 50 to 60 slabs of 3cm or 70 to 80 slabs if 2cm). Each 20’ container can only fit 8 bundles, 4 in the back and 4 in the front. For the customers who can take up to 9 bundles, the slabs from that 9th bundle is usually spread out thru the remaining 8 bundles. For stone cargos only 20’ container is allowed and not 40’. 


See how most of our customers unload an Open Top container. They usually rent a crane and have it unloaded in less than 2 hours

For customers interested on receiving their slabs on a flatbed truck instead of in containers, they can consider the weight limit of 47,000lbs (21,300kg), so average of 7 bundles with 40 to 45 slabs of 3cm or 60 to 65 if 2cm. For this option we would send the container to our warehouse in Houston for unloading followed by a flatbed truck delivery on A-frames.

Notice that we take care of all import process, for both options: container or flatbed truck delivery. 

Are you ready to import your first container of natural stones from Brazil? So visit and further enhance your business!

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