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Now is the right time to import your own natural stone!

 As you’ve probably already noticed, prices from local vendors for quartz and even natural stone have increased in the last several weeks.      

These increases stem directly from the increase in freight costs from overseas.  A shortage of containers, congestion at the port, and increased demand in the US have made these prices go even higher.    

 Businesses in all parts of the stone industry are now forced to pay these unprecedented rates, whether you pay directly when you import or have the costs passed on to you by your distributor.

 However, we here at Brothers in Granite believe we can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.  How? 

When you import direct from the source you pay the lowest prices possible and Brothers in Granite are here to make that happen!      

By buying from Brothers in Granite you aren’t just buying directly from the source but we make everything as easy as possible.  We handle all the paperwork and take care of the entire import process to get a container or even flatbed truck to your door with no worries.    

 In these challenging times we believe it’s even more important to give your business every advantage you can. 

Take advantage of the hottest market in years and acquire your natural stone direct from the source – Brothers in Granite!

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