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Calacatta Pienza- Brothers recommendation

      Brothers new Calacatta Pienza evokes the spirit of the small Italian town from which it received its name.  Pienza, considered the “ideal” for a city, was designed by Bernardo Rossellini (under the supervision of Pope Pius II) to meet all the classic Renaissance ideals of beauty.  This new stone brings all the refinement and elegance of this city, home of traditional Italian marbles, to your design.  With it’s white background and calmly shaded movement this is definitely the lightest and brightest material in our dolomite line.

      Most of our Brazilian marbles belong to the same category of dolomitic marbles as Calacatta Pienza.  Dolomite is the mineral that gives our marbles their toughness and durability compared with Italian or Chinese marbles.  In fact, our dolomitic marbles are so resistant to damage that some people still confuse them for quartzites!  These stones are well suited to high-traffic areas such as kitchens and have clean, modern, and on-trend color palettes and looks!

See all the details of this material up close

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